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The other night, I got to ride my friend's motorcycle.  Not ride on, not ride behind him or something - actually ride it, just me, by myself.

Now, the reasons for this were perhaps not the happiest, and the circumstances could have been better.  That  being said, it's still a ridiculously sweet bike, and getting to take it for a spin was pretty awesome.  (Sadly, Biketoberfest - yes, this is a real thing in Florida - was over...)

Open thread!  Anyone here ride?  (I usually ride a scooter, not a regular motorcycle, which... it's pretty much the difference between driving a manual or an automatic.  But despite scooters lacking some cool points, for the purposes of this open thread, they totally count!)  If not, do you want to/would you?  Have you/would you ride on the back of someone else's bike?  If not, why not?  (Please trigger-warn if you're going to give gory examples.)  If you do ride, what's the coolest motorcycle/scooter-related experience you've had?

 ~ Kristycat

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