Open Thread: Karaoke

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Ahh, karaoke.  One of the finer things in life.  There's nothing quite like getting together with a bunch of your friends, going out on a Friday or Saturday night, and listen to drunken strangers butcher "Black Velvet" and "Love Shack."

Seriously, I love karaoke. 

I love the camaraderie of a good karaoke joint.  Everyone there is on the same side: they want you to be awesome.  I remember one night when I started a song in the wrong key and couldn't get back on track - a total stranger, no joke, jumped up next to me, leaned into the mic, sang a few bars in a strong voice, and hopped down once I got it.  I could've kissed her in gratitude, and I nailed the song after that :)

Open thread!  Do you enjoy singing karaoke?  Are you the person who's stoked about belting out your favorite songs, the person who's kinda shy but might try a song or two after a few beers, or the person who'd rather just sit and watch other people get up and sing?  (Or the person who just cannot stand karaoke, and if you never hear another guy who thinks he can sing warbling his way through "I Love This Bar," it'll be too soon?)

~ Kristycat

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