Open Thread: Disney World

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I went to Disney World last weekend (not, I might add, Disneyland, as pictured above.)  It’s one of the little perks of living in Orlando; everyone knows someone who works at the parks, so sometimes you get free guest tickets.

Generally in any theme park I’m a thrill seeker, always after the fast rides or the scary rides or the ones with sudden drops at the end.  Last Saturday, though, the party included four infants, so uh… we got to watch a lot of the shows instead.  And to my surprise, they were just as awesome as any roller coaster!  My favorite was the Lion King Festival - I fell in love with the monkey acrobats, and an entire round theater full of people belting out “I Just Can’t Wait To Be King” is a sight to see, believe me.

When it comes to Disney movies and songs, though, I tend to prefer the ones that aren’t quite as popularized.  I love, for instance, “God Help The Outcasts” from Hunchback of Notre Dame, and “Hawaiian Roller Coaster” from Lilo and Stitch.  I know pretty much the entire Hercules soundtrack by heart; same thing for Oliver and Company.  My daughter’s godfather likes to sing “You’ll Be In My Heart” from Tarzan to her when she won’t fall asleep for anyone else.  And while I only got to see The Princess and the Frog once, I’m pretty sure “Friends On The Other Side” is going to be a favorite eventually as well.

Is anyone else still in love with Disney movies and songs and theme parks well into their adult years?  Do you like the “big” movies and their signature songs, or do you prefer lesser-known numbers?  Are there any songs that have a personal meaning to you?  If you do have a love for Disney or other “kid” entertainment, do you own up to it, or do you have to pretend you’re ONLY watching it for the sake of your young cousin/sibling/daughter/nephew/neighbor’s kid?
~ Kristycat


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