Metapost: Exciting News for ARAT Users!

Users who use my husband's reviewer analysis tool (ARAT) will be excited to see that his programming website has been recently blinged out by yours truly. *happy dance*

Instead of the usual (and sort of scary!) text links to download the ARAT program, there is now actual pictures, text, and contact information. I'm so monumentally thrilled. (I just wish I could program a website like that in HTML and CSS from scratch instead of having to rely on website building tools!)

There's also some teaser information about a new tool that I've been nagging him to program for me... I couldn't hold my online tongue any longer, so go check out the screenshots and join me in counting down the days until the beta is ready to be downloaded!

P.S. Also, please feel free to check out the ARAT forum - currently you have to register an account, which is a pain, I know, but as soon as we can upgrade the forum to SMF 2.0, it should have OpenID integration.


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