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My name is Ana Mardoll. I've lived in the southwest United States of America for most of my life, and I love reading, writing, and crafting of any kind. I'm blessed with a devoted Husband, loving Parents, and two spoiled rotten Cats.

I am a writer, a reader, a reviewer, a woman, a feminist, disabled, infertile, queer, and frequently sarcastic. Not necessarily all in that order. I don't have enough hours in the day by half. I use trigger warnings and I maintain this blog as a safe space for others as well as for myself. That last bit being includes setting necessary boundaries.

You may also enjoy my blogging at Shakesville and The Slacktiverse. Please feel free to contact me at any time and for any reason at AnaMardoll@gmail.com.

chris the cynic is a writer, a classicist and mathematician studying at the University of Southern Maine, a liberal, someone who makes Rubik's cube-like puzzles, the caretaker of a dog and a cat, an obsessive picture taker, an occasional mountain climber, and possibly someone who teamed up with an alternate version of Bella Swan to save the world from zombies and a knot in spacetime in 2052. Just saying. Visit chris's Stealing Commas.

depizan is a liberal, a gamer (tabletop RPGs and MMOs mainly, though I wouldn't mind adding LARPing to my alphabet soup), a writer, a Star Wars fan, a library clerk, sometimes an artist, owned by two cats, interested in history, fond of hiking, and terrible at biographies. Visit depizan's Sense and Nonsense and Virtual Voyages.

Kristycat says: I’m a woman. I’m a new mother. I’m a native Floridian. I’m married. I’m a college graduate, though I’m not doing anything even remotely related to my major. I’m crafty – I make hats and masks and jewelry. I’m a geek – I love tabletop roleplaying games and LARP, and I enjoy esoteric trivia. I’m Pagan, but not as good a practitioner as I wish I were. I have clinical depression, but except when it’s hitting me like a 2×4 I’m pretty optimistic. I have a debate coach (who’s now the president of the local ACLU chapter) for a father, so I grew up arguing for fun. I’m exceedingly liberal. My default setting is to want to like people, but nothing hits my rage-buttons like someone actively trying to hurt people I care about or people who are already marginalized. I like to cook but rarely have time for it. I love thunder and strong winds but hate rain. I like cats and otters. My favorite Harry Potter character is Neville Longbottom. Visit Kristycat's Tiny Grain of Rice.

Silver Adept is an infovore, a medievalist, a practitioner of the Dark Library Arts, and holds the universe together with duct tape and a Type 40 TARDIS. Zie's main form of blogging is a giant list of links curated from awesome people around the internet. Zie will offer help to the needy on technology issues, but will not fix things for you without appropriate compensation. Visit Silver Adept's Sense, Nonsense, and Not-Sense.

Will Wildman is ... Visit Will's Narrow Crooked Lanes and Something Short and Snappy .