Check-In: End of 2016

Hi, everyone! I have been falling behind on my early resolutions to write more posts and record more videos and basically do all the things! because it turns out that there are still only 24 hours in a day. Wild, huh? But I wanted to do some end-of-year thoughts at you.

Thank you for your support. So much. Thank you for the comments here. Thank you for the donations. (I read every note that comes with them and I'm always especially touched by you donating lurkers who reach out. Bless you.) Thank you for the purchases of my books and the kind reviews (every review helps so much, I can't pound that gratitude drum hard enough). Thank you to my video-watchers and the ad-revenue that comes from eyeballs on YouTube. Thank you. You have all made an immeasurable emotional impact on my life, and you help keep this blog afloat financially.

We will survive. I know everything seems super scary right now and 2017 is looming large. I am going to live through this to the best of my ability and I hope you can be here with me. I want to believe we can get through this together. I love y'all.

Transgender and/or non-Cisgender and/or Questioning Writers! Have you seen this? It's a charity gig so it's unpaid, but you keep the rights to your work and can republish in 12 months. I am doing this so hard it hurts and I'm making a friend write with me because I am a bad friend, lolsob. ;)

Images for a Transmasculine Little Red Riding Hood


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