Fundraising: A Special Request

About a year ago, I made the decision to go ahead and put up monthly fundraising reminders for the blog. I made this decision with a lot of trepidation; on the one hand, I genuinely can't afford to perpetually blog for free, because blogging carries intrinsic costs. And I also feel like feminist work can (and, in many cases, should) be paid work. In addition, I had received feedback from readers who could afford to donate, who said that the monthly reminders were helpful to them.

At the same time, I was (and remain) anxious for the readers in this space who can't afford to donate. I don't want anyone to donate more than they can afford, nor do I want anyone to feel bad when they see donation requests they can't respond to. I fully understand that bad feeling; it's one reason why I try to stay off of political mailing lists, because I feel bad when the daily barrage of money requests come in and I can't spare enough to donate to all of them. (Or, on many days, any of them.)

Recently, it has come to my attention that a very close friend of mine, Chris the Cynic, is in need of funds for a replacement computer. Without this computer, Chris may not be able to continue blogging.

I love reading Chris' blog posts, though I am an infrequent commenter due to internet access issues of my own. Chris is also a beloved moderator here at Ramblings who has worked tirelessly to help craft this space, and who is (in my opinion) almost single-handedly maintaining The Slacktiverse at this time, which in itself signal-boosts the blogs of many of the bloggers who read and comment here. Chris also brings vibrancy and insight to the conversations here on Ramblings, and many of us have read and enjoyed her fanfiction--Edith and Ben in the Twilight threads; our very own sentient transmogrified sea serpent in the Narnia threads.

But more than all this, Chris is someone I consider to be a deep and close friend.

I would be devastated if Chris were forced to go offline or drastically reduce her online presence because of a lack of access. I wrote her this morning asking how I could help, and I will be sending a donation to the tip jar on her blog, Stealing Commas, by the end of today. But I'd also like to signal boost this need for donations in this space, because I feel that the space here at Ramblings would not be the space it is today were it not for Chris.

I completely understand that many of you may not have the funds to donate to Chris, just as many of you do not have the funds to donate to me. That is 100% okay, and I know I speak for both Chris and myself when I say that taking care of yourself is the most important thing you can do. But for those of you who do have money to donate to the maintenance of this space, I would like to make a special request. I would ask that any donations you'd planned to donate to me this month, that you donate this month to Chris instead. I've been fortunate enough to be able to save up some money over Christmas holidays, and I believe very strongly that Chris is more in need of donations at this time than I am.

In closing this post, I want to thank all the moderators in this space for their tireless work in making this blog not just a space I work for, but also a space I enjoy being in. And I want to thank all you readers and members of the community for making this place something truly special and meaningful to me (and, I hope, us). And I want to thank Chris especially for inspiring me when I feel dull, for comforting me when my depression tries to cover me, and for giving me a million and one reasons to keep talking about Twilight.

Thank you so, so much.


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