Deals: LiteCam HD on Steam Greenlight

For those of you who are Let's Play enthusiasts or are interested in the Wendy Davis filibuster capture, I used LiteCam HD to grab the video and audio. They appear to be giving away free licenses to Steam users who (a) vote for them on Greenlight and (b) email them a screen capture of a comment left behind. (They say "review", but I think they mean comment. Feel free to say you've seen my YouTube videos and loved them -- those were all captured with LiteCam HD.)

Email instructions sent to me:


1) Visit Steam Greenlight and Click ‘Yes’ and leave a positive comment.

liteCam HD:
liteCam Game SDK:

2) Send us at the screenshot of your review after logging in to the steam.

3) You will get the liteCam HD Single User license for free for the 1 vote.
* If you Click “YES” for both liteCam HD and liteCam Game SDK, you will get 2 user licenses.


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