Book Description of the Day: Loki's Daughters

[Content Note: Patriarchy, Erotica/Romance tropes]

So, I get that dub-con (dubious-consent) erotica and patriarchal romance stuff exists. I realize that. I've also written in defense of these things, and talked about how things which seem problematic at first glance are sometimes less so. I'm also a stance defender of "if you like it, go with it" when it comes to literary tastes.

But I had to laugh when this book description ended up in my email as part of a Kindle Deal compilation subscription: 

For as long as Arienh can remember, her Celtic people have feared the deadly Viking raids. She knows their brutality first hand, having lost the men from her own family and village to their swords. When she encounters and wounds a Viking warrior one stormy night, she has every right to want him dead. Instead, she allows him shelter in her cottage. Although she fears him, his confidence and teasing manner give her pause. He acts as if she belongs to him. As if he knows her.

Ronan didn’t expect Arienh to recognize him. Why should she? They were both just children when his uncle forced him into a raid against her village. But Ronan risked his life to protect the young Arienh from his marauding kinsmen. Now that the time has come for Ronan and the other warriors to choose wives, he has returned to claim the beautiful girl who captured his heart so long ago.

But for men accustomed simply to taking what they want, wooing the courageous, headstrong Celtic women is easier said than done. And for Arienh, who always sacrificed her own happiness for the sake of her people, trusting—and loving—a Northman may be impossible. By turns poignant and humorous, Loki’s Daughters is a stirring tale of unlikely lovers, forged in dangerously opposite worlds yet bound together by sacrifice, strength, and undeniable passion.


While it is true that I have never been a Celtic Maiden in the Time Of Vikings, I am pretty sure that lots and lots of men have acted like they own random women since before recorded history. And while anyone is free to find that intriguing and sexy, I would just like to point out that Man Who Acts Like He Owns Me wouldn't stand out as unique as part of my daily routine. I'd be more like this:


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