Deals: The Lies of Locke Lamora

The Lies of Locke Lamora, popularly known around here as "that first book by that fantasy author who embraces wish-fulfillment writing and tells off people who write in demanding more sexism as seen here" is 99 cents in the Kindle store today.
Shit yes, Zamira Drakasha, leaping across the gap between burning ships with twin sabers in hand to kick in some fucking heads and sail off into the sunset with her toddlers in her arms and a hold full of plundered goods, is a wish-fulfillment fantasy from hell. I offer her up on a silver platter with a fucking bow on top; I hope she amuses and delights. In my fictional world, opportunities for butt-kicking do not cease merely because one isn’t a beautiful teenager or a muscle-wrapped font of testosterone. In my fictional universe, the main characters are a fat ugly guy and a skinny forgettable guy, with a supporting cast that includes “SBF, 41, nonsmoker, 2 children, buccaneer of no fixed abode, seeks unescorted merchant for light boarding, heavy plunder.”

(And an Ana-Update bundled with this post since I don't want to make a whole 'nother metapost: I'm still sick as a dog and stuck in the bathroom, apparently for eternity. Medication-induced morning sickness is great, I'm telling you.)


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