Cooks Corner: Om Nom Nom Grilled Cheese

I don't like to brag, but I may have just made the most amazing grilled cheese sandwiches in all of ever.

I feel the need to share this.

Step one!  Buy good bread.  Like, go to the bakery and get the bread they made and sliced up that morning.  I used Italian bread because it had a nice soft crust, which I approve of, and the slices - at least in the middle - were big enough to make decent-sized sandwiches.  Don't skip this step.  Bread is IMPORTANT.

Step two! Slather two slices of the bread with butter, on the "inner" sides.  Do not use margarine.  (Unless you have a food allergy or something, in which case you know your business.  Carry on.)  (Hint: it's a good idea to let the butter soften for a good while before starting!)

Step three!  Lightly sprinkle powdered coriander on both slices.  Trust me here.

Step four!  Place one large slice of Swiss cheese on one slice.  Place two slightly smaller slices of Munster cheese on the other slice.

Step five!  Atop the Munster cheese, place two to three slices of tomato, thickness according to your liking.  (I like thin, my husband swears by thick.)  Salt the tomato if you prefer.

Step six!  Atop the Swiss cheese, place 1-3 slices of ham.  If your local store carries it, use the good, maple-brown sugar ham from the deli.  If not, prepackaged honey ham will do.  The slight sweetness is important.

Step seven!  Close up the sandwich.  Butter the top of the top slice of bread.

Step eight!  Heat a flat griddle over medium-low heat.  Place the sandwich on it, UPSIDE DOWN.  The non-buttered side should now be up and facing you; butter it.

Step nine!  Periodically poke the ingredients (to see if they're getting warm and/or melting), and lift a corner of the bread to peek underneath (to see the color.)  When the bread starts to toast, flip the sandwich with a spatula.  Repeat.  Keep doing this until a) all the cheese is melted and all the ingredients (with the possible exception of the tomato, if that's your thing) are warm-to-hot, and b) both sides of bread are crisp and golden brown.  Patience is a virtue at this step; DO NOT turn up the heat.  Trust me.  No one wants to eat a burned sandwich.

Step ten!  Remove the sandwich from the griddle to a plate; cut it in half.  Toss some chips or other crunchy thing on the plate.  Enjoy.  Use lots of napkins and don't burn your tongue.

No joke, I've made lots of grilled cheese sandwiches before, but this one was goddamn amazing.

(Can you beat it?  Give your own recipe/method, if so!)


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