Deals: Ender's Game

Folks, if you're following Will's analysis of Ender's Game and would like a copy of the book, it's on sale on Kindle for $1.99.

I will note here that the author, Orson Scott Card, is a terrible person who uses his money to promote anti-QUILTBAG policies, which is one reason why I like to not give him my money, as a general rule. But if you're going to read his books because you're interested in viewing prejudice-in-literature so that you can spot it elsewhere when it crops up, and if you have to buy the copy of the book you read (because you're not near a library, or because a book isn't available for eBook loans, or because you want to mark up your copy, or etc.) then it makes sense to me to buy the book while it's on sale and hope that the author's royalties are similarly adjusted downward.

Good luck in the moral dilemma of economic reward vs. deconstruction and analysis. I FACE IT OFTEN.


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