Musings: Quirks

I have strange little quirks that don't really harm me in any way and are only of passing interest but which will really come in handy if Husband ever has to use useless knowledge to pick me out of a secret lineup in some form of game show. One of these quirks is that I always blub uncontrollably through this otherwise very happy song, for no reason that I can explain to anyone. (So I guess we can't use that one on the game show now that everyone knows. I HAVE BACKUP QUIRKS.)

What's an funny / odd / unusual quirk that you have?

Monday Musings are meant to open the week with chatty fun, and hopefully continue throughout the week until the next one. Please feel free to talk about whatever you like, and do share any links you've written or have read and found interesting and worthy of note. If this is your first time at Monday Musings, you really should say 'hi' so that we can give you lurker cookies! Thank you.


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