Monday Musings: How To Communicate With Writers

This amused me.

On the one hand, authors/poets/screenwriters/etc. are routinely villainized and bullied as being 'too sensitive' and needing too much ego-stroking. And I think that's a point of view that neglects to realize how vulnerable-making it can be to spend a full year-or-more on something like a novel and then place it out there for the rest o the world to pass judgment on it. That sort of thing could make just about anyone 'sensitive', given the right circumstances.

But! I still thought this was funny, in a sweetly tongue-in-cheek kind of way because, yes, it would be lovely to hear that everything in creation has been leading up to whatever I most recently finished. LOL.

What compliment would you like to receive on your latest work of artistry and/or effort?

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Gelliebean said...

I have been following this tumblr:

And pondering the possibility of taking part in NaNo next month. I have an idea of something I'd like to write - a version of the Little Mermaid where the mermaid takes human form not to chase a guy, but to reclaim an artifact stolen from her family several generations ago; without it, the underwater kingdom has lost its magic and most of its power and prestige.

Sadly, the ideas come more easily than does the time to write. :-(

KNicoll said...

Honestly, I'd like a lot more "I bought your book and I liked it. I'm mentioning it to my friends."

Because that tells me a) I will get some money, b) the reader found it a pleasant experience, and c) I might get even more money. ;)

(My ex, who was working on his PhD thesis at the same time, would occasionally comment while I was writing the damn thing that it sure sounded like I was writing a thesis.)

Next book will require less research. Maybe someday I'll have time in my life to go back to trying novels again....

Silver Adept said...

I'm not sure exactly what form the compliment takes, but at this point, it probably sounds like, "That's brilliant. We'll give you full credit for the idea, and sorry about how a supervisor tried to get you dismissed because of their personal dislike for you and hearsay."

Because if there's one thing my workplace isn't good at, it's maintaining good morale and recognizing the brilliance of the people that work there.

More cheerily, I've made it past a trinket anniversary of working there, so at a staff meeting in the future, I'll get something nice.

That tumblr, Gelliebean, is disturbing. I hope I'm not like that to people, since there's a good chance I can come across as a know-it-all in my profession.

Yamikuronue said...

I think I'd settle for "Oh yeah, I read that" from anyone other than my mother XD

depizan said...

I aim to entertain, so all feedback that tells me I succeeded makes me very, very happy. I don't expect that to change when/if I stop writing fan fic and go back to writing original stories.

Asha said...

As a mostly fanfic writer with delusions of writing original stuff, my best compliments are "Wow. That was awesome/heart wrenching/ beautiful! You are really good at constructing a sentence/weaving a tale!"

Its still up in the air on whether I will ever be worthy of said compliment, however. *shrug* But those are the kind of comments that make me dance in my seat.

That mainsplaining tumblr is very, very unpleasant. Not because it exists, but because it has to exist. I shall go twitch now. Excuse me.

depizan said...

It's a cool idea, though. I hope you find the time.

(And that tumblr... augh.)

Tigerpetals said...

"I now see things in a different way and hope to keep exploring that whilst reading your work! And I promoted it to others who share this experience!"

I wanted to do NaNo last year and had no time. This year I will also have no time, though it will be more time than last year, because I've got two classes I find heavy and difficult to write for. Plus I've lost confidence in my ability to write narrative, and have mostly only written poetry for a while.

ZMiles said...

Mine's similar, along the lines of "We'll publish this and pay you money for it."

chris the cynic said...

"What compliment would you like to receive on your latest work of artistry and/or effort? "

My latest work is my current work, translating the Universal and Generic Lord's Prayer into Latin. What complement would I like to receive:
1 It's comprehensible
2 It's finished (due to presented later today)
3 It's funny

My latest complete work is Put The Candle Back! (A post about policy toward transgender students in a town I'd never heard of)

What would I like to hear:
1 They reinstituted the policy and rescinded the rescinding.
2 This was moving enough that I'm going to work to make this right.
3 This made me care.

chris the cynic said...

Sadly, the ideas come more easily than does the time to write. :-(


chris the cynic said...

2 It's finished (due to presented later today)

It wasn't. Now to be presented tomorrow, hopefully finished by then but right now working on Vergil.

MaryKaye said...

I ran into a D&D player at a convention who said, "You won't remember me, but I sat in on a game of yours in Berkeley and it made us totally rethink how we were playing the game. So thanks." I have no idea what game he sat in on or why it impressed him--but it was still a compliment I'll treasure forever.

I led a ritual for Samhain once, and one of the people who attended had cancer and believed she would die soon. This was terrifying for me as a ritual leader because it made everything we'd planned seem shallow and inadequate. But I heard from her about a year later, saying that she was going to live, that she'd rethought her life plans completely, and that she wanted to thank us. I'm not sure I can take credit for that one--I think it was in the hands of the Gods.

I think what I'd like most as a writer is to be quoted. Not a "Mary Kaye says that blah-blah-blah" but someone just coming out with a sentence from one of my novels because it stuck with them. *I* quote them, but, um.

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