Deals: If You Like Herman Melville

Well, I spent all week bashing him, so as an apology, this ended up in my email this morning:

I own most of the Delphi Classics ebooks and they're generally very high quality. They're all public domain collections, but with lots of essays and footnotes and nice things thrown in. And -- bizarrely -- movie posters for every spin-off movie every, which is less valuable to me, but I guess marks a cultural timeline for the books.


Jeff Lipton said...

The link in your post is to a non-US version (Canadian, maybe?). Here is the US link.

The non-US version has texts not yet in the public domain.

Thanks for all the great posts. I don't comment hardly at all but I do read and enjoy.

Ana Mardoll said...

Thank you! I'm now wondering why they send me Canadian links in emails.

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