Deals: Aeon Timeline

Alright, writers and writettes, for those of you who work on Apple products, this is to let you know that the super-cool-I-want-it-so-badly-I-can-taste-it Aeon Timeline program (which syncs with Scrivener, and which allows you to track ages and events in characters' lives, and which can even handle totally-made-up fantasy calendars) is on sale this week.

As a special offer for Scrivener users, enter the coupon code "SCRIV TIMELINE" for a 20% discount (sale price $US32) until July 15.

For those of you who are mired in Windows like me,we get to keep using cuneiform and stone tablets like the sad little worms we are. *sob* However! The Aeon FAQ says to email if you're interested in a Windows version, so they can gauge interest, so by all means, please do so! (You can tell 'em Ana sent ya.)


Redwood Rhiadra said...

Oh, I'd just like to mention - thank you for highlighting the discount on Scrivener last week! I looked at a lot of writing software a few years ago, and thought Scrivener looked great, but it was Mac-only back then. I hadn't known until your post that they'd finally done a Windows version!

(I bought it - we'll see how it works. Much of my writing/outlining/story notes the last few years has been done in a TiddlyWiki, of all things.)

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