Deals: The Beautiful Land

I have no idea if this book is good all the way to the end or not because I've only read the first two chapters so far before I had to buy it and tell everyone else I know, but "The Beautiful Land" is 99 cents from an indie author who writes about a time-travel romance between a Japanese-American man (who is the Japanese-American version of Steve Irwin, best I can tell) and a Iranian-American military translator with a realistic (best I can tell) depiction of PTSD. I happened to read the first two chapters today from the Kindle sample on a recommendation from a friend and bought it immediately thereafter because I loved the characters, SO I THOUGHT I WOULD SHARE.

Well done, Alan Averill, wherever you are, for providing me with the first sci-fi book I can remember reading in the last 12 months that wasn't populated entirely by white protagonists. And provided a realistic and sympathetic depiction of PTSD. And an Iranian-Americas woman who isn't a terrorist. Because that's awesome. I only wish you were on B&N because I prefer buying from there, but I couldn't find you on their site.


Ana Mardoll said...

Slapping a comment onto this so it'll appear in the widget. *grins*

Brin Bellway said...

Relatedly, any idea why the Recent Rambles aren't as recent as they ought to be?

(I did happen to notice this in the hierarchical history, though.)

Ana Mardoll said...

They seem to take a variable length of time to update, apparently because of underpants gnomes. o.O

Dav said...

Oh, warm fuzzies for Alan Averill. And two non-white main characters? Whoa, I think that breaks some sort of trope. (No, I'm not going to look. I have to go to work now, and who knows when I'd escape the time vortex?)

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