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Left Behind is free in the US Kindle store.


chris the cynic said...

It's the new revised edition.

Anyway, it's now in my kindle library, along with various other free things. It can take it's place beside Taken, which is the first few books of Left Behind: The Kids compiled into a larger volume.

chris the cynic said...

I only know about the revisions second hand, but as I understand it they're fairly minor things. (For example European standard currency is euros instead of marks in the revised editions, I think.)

I think that they do have cell phones, but they cell phones don't work. So there will be mention of the cell phone system being overloaded, which is not a bad excuse, all things considered, for why the characters' relationship with phones after the Rapture seems to have come out of the early 1980s. That the cell networks were overloaded every single time reasonable people would use a phone is more doubtful, and somehow I have difficulty believing Jerry Jenkins could come up with enough good excuses to make it work.

I don't really understand why there weren't cell phones in Left Behind to begin with, they'd had more than a decade to get used to the idea before the first book was published, and the first cell carrier in the US was, I'm told, based in Jenkins' beloved Chicago.

GeniusLemur said...

But still overpriced.

Rikalous said...

It could give you slacktivist nerd cred if you can say you've actually read the original. Sort of like actually having watched the Star Wars Christmas Special.

Dezster said...

This is available for Canada as well, FYI ;)

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