Deals: The Vegan Girl's Guide To Life

I'm guessing it's hard to find good vegan literature in ebook form, and today's Kindle Daily Deal is a $10 book for $1, apparently by someone with a name in the vegan community, so I thought it was worth a highlight. I'm eyeing that cupcake on the cover and wondering what a vegan cupcake tastes like... they really go for them on Cupcake Wars sometimes... mmm.


mmy said...

It is really hard (in my opinion) to get really good Vegan Cookbooks. Far too many of them seem to be driven by ideology rather than taste buds. Spouse and I have tried a number of recipes that either tasted like cardboard (at best) or resulted in one wanting to wash one's mouth out to get rid of the noxious taste.

So I am always on the lookout for GOOD vegan stuff. Will wander over and take a look.

(BTW, Ana you are personally responsible for half of the books on my Kindle and most of my credit card bill this month.)

Ana Mardoll said...


I mean, *ahem*, I'm so sorry to hear that. *puppy eyes*

I do so enjoy sharing good books, though. I'm the Official Book Buyer for Mom and I'm always hassling Husband, "Can I buy you this book? What about this book? You think you'd like this one?" :D

mmy said...

*I KNEW it -- this is somehow part of your plot to take over the world, isn't it?*

On a more serious level -- with the dying off the small town bookstore I think that it becomes ever more important for us to talk online about books and authors and spread the word.

Libby said...

Vegan cupcakes can be awesome! I used a relatively basic chocolate recipe from Vegan Cupcakes Take Over the World at my wedding, with peanut butter frosting, and it was great. The recipe was pretty fussy, though. I made several practice batches, and only three of them turned out properly. The family members who tried to make the cupcakes for me failed, so I was mixing cupcake batter myself on the morning of the wedding to make it all work out in the end.

Making gluten-free vegan cupcakes to hit all the food-sensitivity bases at my wedding just made the whole experience extra interesting.

mmy said...

*excitement* Making gluten-free vegan cupcakes

Gluten-free vegan household here. With cousins who are celiac/diabetics.

We do amazingly well at putting together meals that other people don't even realize are "special."

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