Deals: Atheist Manifesto

The Atheist Manifesto by Michael Onfray in on sale today for $1.99, where it has been sitting around the $8.99 mark for a few months. I've had this on my "to-read" watch list for awhile, so I thought I'd share. I don't know if it's any good, but here's hoping.


hapax said...

Speaking of atheist manifestos, apparently Dawkins has a new kids' book out, THE MAGIC OF REALITY, that I bought my son for Christmas. (Yes, the irony is not lost on me.)

It hasn't shown up yet, so I haven't seen the book in toto, but the previews and reviews look beautiful.

P.S. If you see this comment and like the book and were planning on ordering it from Amazon anyhow, please do so through the "affiliate" link provided by Ana or your other favorite online host. It won't make Amazon any MORE evil, and will provide some pocket change to someone who undoubtedly deserves it.

Ana Mardoll said...

Ha, thank you, hapax. I'm still on tenterhooks waiting to see how you guys get financed up. It's so much harder to handle when there are multiple countries involved, I know. I want to offer to help in any way I can... but in the LEAST PUSHY WAY POSSIBLE. Ha. I must not become Let Me Solve Your Problem Guy. :D

hapax said...

Following up, I've actually physically received THE MAGIC OF REALITY (thank you, Powell's!) and it is really very beautiful. It's aimed a little younger than hapaxson -- I'd say middle grades to junior high might be the target -- but it's so gorgeous and joyful that I don't think he'll mind.

It's a wide ranging introduction to the all the basic fields of SCIENCE!!, covering "what did we used to think?" "What do we know now?" and "how do we know it?" with heavy emphasis on how cool and wondrous all this stuff is. The illustrations are by Dave McKean, who is one of my favorite illustrators and has worked on a few little projects you might have heard of -- like Arkham Asylum and all of Gaiman's juveniles.

I'm shilling this so hard because good science books for that age level are very very hard to find. Anyone who is interested should know, however, that Dawkins is ... not kind ... to mythological explanations, even those that are still held as sacred by large swathes of people.

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