Deals: Some James Bond Novel!

One of you -- was it Will? -- mentioned thinking about deconstructing the James Bond novels, and I note that the second novel in the series is today's Kindle Daily Deal for $1.99. So there's that.



Joshua said...

I've only read one James Bond novel since I grew up, Casino Royale. I gotta say, there was not a single chapter where I didn't want to throw it against the wall.

That was mainly because of the rampant misogyny and idiot plot. Maybe the misogyny is intended as a reflection of Bond's character, not the author's, spoken by an unreliable narrator. You do spend a lot of time inside his head. But I don't really think so, since the rest of the plot was just as stupid.

I'm amazed they made as good a movie out of it as they did.

So, good luck with that. I'd give you my copy if only I could throw it hard enough, I won't be needing it again.

Ana Mardoll said...

Maybe we could skip it? Like, you throw to me, I'll throw to Rowen, and he can throw to Will?

Joshua said...

I can't throw right across the Pacific ocean, alas. If I could, I would certainly be willing to throw it that hard.

On a more serious note, postage would exceed the value of the thing. It's an actual book, not electronic.

Ana Mardoll said...

Ha, I'm sure -- I was only teasing. :D

(Internet is SO hard for sending smilies and snerks and snarks. *sigh*)

Will Wildman said...

It's that bad, eh? Well, for purposes of deconstruction, I guess that's even... better? Ish? Although if it's that blatant, it's going to be harder to deconstruct. It'll be like trying to point out a matchstick in a haystack, only the haystack is on fire. And demeans women.

Still, I'll find some way of looking into the matter. I as yet do not do the ereader thing, but I have learned that there are huge libraries in the city which I have yet to explore.

chris the cynic said...

Kindle doesn't require an actual kindle. I have kindle for the pc on my laptop and have thus grabbed various things when they were free on kindle. So if you don't mind reading on a computer you can make use of any given kindle deal.

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