Deals: Nation by Terry Pratchett and Ebates and B&N

I noticed today that "Nation" by Terry Pratchett is available as a Nook Book for $0.99. It's $6.99 on Amazon, so this is probably an error. Get it while it's hot... I guess? I bought it because one of you emailed me about it something like three months ago, and I've been watching it ever since then. LET IT NOT BE SAID MY FOG-RIDDLED BRAIN DOESN'T LISTEN TO EMAIL SUGGESTIONS. I do apologize for having no idea off the top of my head who it was that made the recommendation, though. I really hope publishers don't catch on to this fact and get hold of my address...

In other news, if you're buying Nook Books from B&N on a regular basis, I should point out that you can get your own referral fees back to the tune of 4-8% (depending on yearly fluctuations) by signing up with Ebates and visiting the B&N site through their link. I've been using them for about 6 months now, and they're really good about cutting a check and sending it to you every couple of months. The difference is change, but you're almost making back what you paid in taxes on the ebook.

Referral link if you want to give me $5 for signing up. Oddly, you don't get anything extra for being referred, I don't think, so it's a pretty lousy referral link, but it's here anyway: LINK.


Brin Bellway said...

Oddly, you don't get anything extra for being referred, I don't think, so it's a pretty lousy referral link

Referral links are supposed to give you things for being referred? Since when? I thought it was just to make the referrer happy and thus motivated to find people.

I just got an ink-and-paper Nation for my birthday. Bit late now.

Timothy (TRiG) said...

If I had an e-Reader, and a credit card, I'd be buying it.

I know that I recommended Nation to you a while ago. Maybe someone else did too. I hope you get a chance to read it sometime soonish. It's a divisive book: I know Pratchett fans who dislike that one, but I love love love it. (I can be a little obsessive sometimes.)


Ana Mardoll said...

Timothy, yes! I'm almost certain it was you, thank you. :)

Will Wildman said...

If the Pratchett fans were expecting it to be 'Discworld only not', I can see why they'd have problems with it, but since it's a standalone in a different setting, I can think of none. Nation was excellent, if harrowing in places.

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