Deals: The Magician's Nephew

I'll be in a class today with limited internet / email access, but a quick note before I go: "The Magician's Nephew" is on sale in the Kindle Store for $2.99. The other books seem not to be on sale; apparently the publisher is still maintaining that TMN is the 'first' book in the series and hopes to use this to hook readers into the rest. (An interesting concept, because if I'd started with TMN, I never would have read any more of the series, but I was an odd child and YMMV.)


Layla said...

I would never have read the series if I'd started with Magician"s Nephew, either. For me, as a child, the Pevensies were the core of the series, so the more Pevensies, the better the book. The rule even worked when it logically shouldn't have - A Horse and His Boy had an appearance by all four Pevensies, and it's one I liked a lot, although their appearance wasn't the reason I liked it.

Steph said...

I was just at the store today and noticed they'd put Magician's Nephew first... it seems so weird to me, especially since TLTWATW is the one everybody knows, and Magician's Nephew works much better if it's revealing backstory on elements from the others, like how the lamppost got there, or the origin of the wardrobe (was the picture frame in Dawn Treader made from that wood, too?)

I do have to say that Jadis in Magician's Nephew is possibly the most awesome character in the series after Reepicheep, though. I mean, she freakin' SURFS ON A CAB (and looks so marvelously delighted in the illustration)!

hf said...

(was the picture frame in Dawn Treader made from that wood, too?)

Ha, I thought of that too! Lewis' narrator strongly suggests the picture comes from the Professor. And the Professor (to go by his behavior as a boy) might easily do something like this just to see what would happen.

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