Deals: Free Lone Wolf eBooks

For those of you who liked to read/play the Lone Wolf adventure books, they're available for free in .mobi e-book form on their webpage, and I can confirm that Calibre converts them fairly well into epub format. The books are half D&D, half Choose Your Own Adventure, and all very retro, but in a good way. Husband is a fan, so I snagged them today and loaded them to his eReader.


BaseDeltaZero said...

Is this just plain Ebook, or is in the game format? Curious.

Ana Mardoll said...

@BDZ, from flipping through a few when I loaded them onto Husband's reader, they seem to have the same paper book format of "if X, turn to page 78" but instead of "page 78", it's a separate 'chapter' in the eBook and the line is a hyperlink that takes you straight there if you press/select it.

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