Deals: Free Audiobooks Every Week

What could be better than talking about "Wuthering Heights" in relation to Twilight? Listening to "Wuthering Heights" for free!

For those who aren't aware -- and until recently, I certainly wasn't -- the Audiobook Community site has two free audiobooks that they update on a regular weekly basis. All you need is the Overdrive Media Console (which you already have if you're downloading audiobooks from your local Overdrive Library or buying MP3 books from B&N), and a email address that I can verify won't get spammed by Audiobook Community.

Direct link to the weekly free audiobook is here.

The deals thread that brought this to my attention is here.

The audiobooks are MP3 files, which means that they don't have DRM and can play on pretty much any music device made in the last decade. Nor do the files "expire" over time -- you download them to your computer with Overdrive and once the files are in your Overdrive library, you can move them wherever you want and drop them into Media Monkey or whatever you use to organize your music files. (I'm old school, so it's drag-and-drop all the way for me. Yeah, baby!)

Also, I think the Audiobook Community guy above is endearingly creepy. The "SYNC" stamped where his mouth would be makes me think of poor Wybie in the "Coraline" movie after the Other Mother sews his mouth into a permanent smile. *shudder*


Charleen Merced said...

Yep. I lvoe this site and I download from it a lot to help my commute to work. Let me recommend Little Brother. OMG. I am listening to it right now and I am completely engrossed. The author also offers his book for free in his website or you can buy it.

Ana Mardoll said...

Bah, and right after I promise they won't spam you, I get my first newsletter from them! Hopefully this is an isolated incident and not a trend -- and there IS an opt-out button at the bottom...

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