Deals: "Taken" by Tim LaHaye

For those of you who enjoy reading, riffing, critiquing, and fan ficing the various Left Behind novels and spin offs, 'Taken" by Tim LaHaye is currently free in eBook form. This collection apparently contains the first four books in the "Young Trib Force" series.


Credit for bringing the deal to my attention goes to Mobile Read, as is so often the case.


BrokenBell said...

Ugh, I just know that it'd be a really painful read, but I'm so curious, and it's free, and my Kindle is giving me that look, and...

Well, maybe I'll be lucky, and it's just an America-only deal, and it's not even an- wait, nope, switching the .com for on the Amazon page gives me the same offer. Aaaaaarrrrrrgh. Should I do it? I don't know if I want to do it. But should I? Free. Is my time free? The book's free. Rgh. It'd be an opportunity to try my hand at a deconstruction, if I wanted to, I suppose? But do I want to? RGH.

Gelliebean said...

Ana - thanks for linking this!  I don't know when I'll get a chance to read it, but it'll make for some great re-write fodder.  Plus I love any free books.

BrokenBell - do what I did; download it and stick it in a sub-folder somewhere.  If you ever feel the need to read something for the sheer snark value, there it'll be!  There are a couple of books I keep around just for that purpose.

BrokenBell said...

Yeah. It took me a bit before I realised  what the books exactly were. 

Load off my back, I can tell you that much. 

Also reminded me how much I hatehatehated these books. Seriously. The worst. Like, the Left Behind books are atrocious, but at least they're not tailor made to make children feel bad about themselves. Urgh. 

Beroli said...

Edit: Wait, wasn't someone else already doing the young tribbies deconstructions?

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